Set in the woods with beautiful views all around, this lovely cottage is a great place to stay in, no matter the season.

Perfect for admiring the scenery, the gorgeous deck that’s made of wood has the same length as the house. The stairs extend at about the same length so that you won’t waste precious time if you need to skip to some beautiful spots near your home.

The deck is also large enough for a full-sized dining table so you can enjoy your meal while admiring the view. This home is painted mostly in white, inside and out, but the deck set in natural colors.

Beautiful Cottage with a View

You’ll love having this kind of cottage, especially in a location with a great view. Most of the cottage is made of wood, except the roof tiles that come in grey.

Aside from the large deck at the front, there’s a matching stairway one side that provides another entrance/exit to your home.

Gorgeous Interiors

Set mostly in white, the gorgeous interiors are simply perfect! There’s already a huge deck outside the house but the interior also features a large living room. You can also find a reading nook with a matching wall-mounted lamp. This house is really geared for recreation and relaxation.

The hallway leads to the bedrooms and ends with the door to the side of the house.

Lovely Kitchen

Also set in white, the kitchen looks lovely. While it keeps up with the simplistic log cabin theme, the kitchen also has modern features. Eclectic lights and pieces are carefully picked for this space.

The table is smaller than the one at the deck but clearly serves its purposes and looks nice with its matching chairs. Even the rugs at this house have a woodsy theme.

The bedroom looks stylish, with the bed flanked by two cabinets with a sleek modern design. Building this lovely house takes at least Php1.2 million.