What can you build with Php25k? While most of us will think that this amount is just enough for a small bedroom extension or makeover, one family was able to build a 2-story house with that money. Wow. The house stands tall and proud amid lush scenery, and even comes with a small balcony with a hammock so you can relax while enjoying the view. There’s a single loft bedroom on the second floor, accessed by a steep ladder. But with that kind of budget, this house is really worth the money.

This house was featured on Bahay Pinas as shared by netizen Diana Mamon, who explained that her sister was the only one living in the house and that she spent only around Php25k to build the house.

Practical Design with Sari-Sari Store

What’s great about this house is that it isn’t just a home but also a source of income because it features a sari-sari store on the first floor.

The store is small but spaces like this can easily expand using built-in shelves and lines for hanging some items, including sachets of coffee, shampoo, toothpaste, and other items you can easily hang over the line.

Because the first floor is used as a sari-sari store, there isn’t space for a living room. But you can hang out with friends at the balcony upstairs or simply enjoy the outdoor area.

Loft Bedroom, Lovely Balcony

The second floor is designed to be a loft bedroom that opens to a lovely balcony with a hammock. While it’s actually a narrow space, it’s still a great place to relax and have a good time. However, the house isn’t likely to accommodate over 10 people inside.

For added security, a trap door closes over the ladder. But if you aren’t keen on using this kind of style, you can always opt to add some form of railing or barrier at the side by the ladder opening.

Source: Diana Mamon / Bahay Pinaś