The beautiful extended porch is the major selling point of this lovely grey house that also comes with a nice kitchen. A great place to live in, this features a modern design with lots of space for hanging out and having fun with the family.

You can always enhance the look of this house with plants in beautiful pots. Hanging pots are also used to decorate the porch, creating a green balance that’s not just environment-friendly but also looks fantastic.

The house mostly comes in grey at the exteriors but the interiors are painted in white to give the illusion of larger spaces.

Modern House Design

This house makes use of flat roof designs over the main portion of the house as well as the porch area. The metal supports at the porch roof were even cut to create a stylish design that mimics a pergola. This makes the space look nicer.

Though there are no built-in benches at the porch, there is ample space for more comfortable furniture and some tables so you can enjoy your afternoon snacks while admiring the view around the house.

Comfortable Bedrooms, Stylish Interiors

Using a mixture of art pieces and elegant furniture, you can easily create stylish interiors in this spacious home. The vertical glass windows have white frames that match the white walls in the interiors. For added security, you can opt to add grills with ornate designs.

The bedroom doors are made of wood and are painted in white.

Nice Kitchen, Matching Bathroom Style

The kitchen features black and white tiles in a checkered design pattern that’s also used of the bathroom. L-shaped counters in the kitchen have black granite tiles and white cabinet walls with black doors. The stainless steel sink has a gooseneck faucet that adds both function and beauty to this place.

White fixtures are picked for the bathroom while a telephone shower is mounted at the wall.

It is estimated that a house like this would cost at least Php1.2 million to build.