There’s something extra charming about a native house that makes people want to choose the design for their home. A native house design can be versatile for your resort, vacation home, or even as the main house for your family. Just like this lovely half-amakan and half-concrete house which comes with a welcoming porch. You’ll also love the modern kitchen with built-in cabinets and the lovely living room.

Having a concrete base makes a native house last longer because you’re putting the softer materials several feet off the ground. Still, be sure to have the ground treated for termites and wood-boring insects.

This house uses a nice shade of terracotta for the walls, actually creating a nice effect that blends with the amakan design.

Welcoming Porch, Lovely House Design

As one of the first spots that people see in your house, it’s always a good idea to make the porch or entryway a welcoming place. Like the porch in this lovely house with lots of space for sitting so you can hang out with all of your friends anytime of the day.

You won’t need additional furniture for the porch, though it would also look good with a small sala set made of wood or bamboo.

Nice Interiors, Comfortable Rooms

It might not be the grandest of houses but this is a nice place to stay, with modern interiors. Double walling is used for this home so that the interior doesn’t show the amakan design.

You can use plywood for the double walling. In this house, the upper portion is painted in the same shade of terracotta used for the concrete walls of the exteriors. While creates a nice contrast to the deep orange color.

Modern Kitchen with L-shaped Counters

It’s nothing fancy but this house features a modern kitchen with L-shaped counters that make meal preparations easier. Built-in cabinets provide lots of storage space for kitchenware and food.

You can start building a house like this for around Php200,000 or less, then simply make improvements or additions to renovate to upgrade the look. Just make sure to keep the concrete or base strong.