For less than half a million pesos, or just around Php480k, a family was able to build a lovely house where they can live in comfort. While the house is not yet finished, they already live in it – and slowly improving sections of the house when the budget allows.

We love that this is a work in progress, and that the family will eventually have a beautiful and comfortable house for themselves. This place comes with a stylish living room, two bedrooms, a nice bathroom, and a still-incomplete kitchen. But it has all the amenities they need for a comfortable stay.

Porch for Upgrade, Incomplete Kitchen

When sharing their house project, the owners admitted that they still have plenty of plans for the house before it can be completed. For example, the house doesn’t have a balcony or porch yet, but they plan on adding that when the budget allows.

Their kitchen is still incomplete, although they certainly have a functional one since they’ve been living in this house for at least a year already.

They also have to get the ceiling done.

Basic Exteriors, Lovely Interiors

Because they still have lots of projects to add, the family focused first on the interiors in making their house livable. That puts the exteriors at a disadvantage for the time being, with a bare look. But the interiors already look amazing.

Outside is a basic-looking house, yet the interiors look straight out of an interior design magazine (just don’t focus on the ceilings since that’s also still a future project).

The floors have wood-inspired tiles while the walls are painted white. Plants decorate the space, creating a cozy look. Lovely bamboo furnishings grace the living room.

The grills on the windows look simple yet also artsy.

According to the owners, they spent Php480k on this house. They’re likely to spend at least Php300k more to improve the other sections of the house and add the porch and kitchen. But this is already a comfortable space to live in.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses