An OFW (overseas Filipino worker) personally designed this house – and built this dream house with earnings from working in Saudi for 9 years.

It’s truly something that any OFW can be proud of because it’s the fruit of their labors and something that they really wanted to live in.

The house features a large L-shaped activity area and an extended porch at the front and side.

It also has a service or laundry area at the back and lovely interiors with relaxing furnishings.

It’s a simple yet beautiful dream house that you might love to call home.

You can use this design inspiration for your own home or make modifications as you think would suit your style.

For this OFW, Rowena Alday Lansang, the house has everything the family needs for a happy and comfortable stay.

Large Porch Area, Nice House Design

For a family that spends a lot of time outdoors, having a large porch area is the solution so that you can go out even at noon when the sun is hot – you aren’t exactly exposed to the elements, but you can maximize the fresh air and natural light in this kind or porch design.

The roof of the porch extends from the edge of the main house’s roof towards the fence.

It’s clearly a good pick, especially if you have limited space.

Comfortable Interiors

Rattan-inspired sofa sets with soft foam seats are used in this house, creating a mix-modern look.

The sofa seats are white, creating a nice contrast with the floor-length curtains in royal colors.

The entryways for the bedroom area and the living room have stylish tassel and beaded string curtains.

These aren’t usually used in most homes, so the effect actually looks interesting in this home.

Modern Kitchen

This house boasts of a modern kitchen that has built-in cupboards and cabinets to organize all your stuff.

It isn’t huge but the kitchen has everything you need for regular meal preparation.

Building this sprawling house can cost you around Php1.8 million or more.

Source: Awesome Home Ideas and Decor