Lovely Little House with Charming Balcony, Bright Colors

What are the top features that you’re looking for in a house? For many, having a balcony is an important factor because it can be a great spot for relaxation. Just like this house with its charming balcony that looks out to a lovely view. There’s one bedroom and a compact living room, yet it’s a lovely little house to call home.

Built on land that has plenty of plants all around, this charming little house was even painted in green to match its surroundings. Some of the bamboo parts are painted in dark brown, creating a good contrast with the rest of the house.

Mixed Modern and Native Design

This charming little house is made with a mix of modern and native design. It stands on concrete legs while the rest of the posts are made of wood. The floors are made of bamboo, yet they’re topped with green linoleum in some areas to resemble ceramic tiles.

The green paint on the walls plus the green linoleum and curtains can look a bit overwhelming for others but the homeowners really appear to love the color. Even the chairs inside the house are green.

Charming Balcony, Great Hangout

Having a balcony is really a good idea because it provides you with a hangout where you can enjoy fresh air and relax any time of the day. This balcony is actually just narrow but you can still enjoy hanging out here.

The natural greens outside the house are soothing to the eyes. It’s definitely worth considering plants added to the balcony and planted around your house for increased curb appeal.

Lovely Interiors, One Bedroom

The living room of this house isn’t huge, but it’s also a nice place for the family to hang out. It has space for some chairs, although a sofa might not be ideal here. Still, you can get one if you build a similar house with a larger living room space.

This house can cost Php100k or less to build, depending on the materials you’re planning to use.