Lovely Native House with Beautiful Exteriors, Modern Interiors

Native houses look great, but it’s a reality that they can be difficult to maintain and don’t last as long as concrete homes. But you can upgrade your native house by adding choosing a concrete base and a modern GI sheet or color roof – just like this house. It comes with a charming porch, spacious living room, comfortable bedroom, and a modern bathroom.

The owners of this house really put a premium on its design. Even if it’s a simple home, the amakan were set nicely on the exterior walls, while the interiors look like they belong to a modern home.

Charming Porch, Native House Design

There’s a lot to love about this native home, especially because it looks nice inside and out. It would be great to hang out on the charming porch that you can construct with built-in benches to maximize the space.

Lovely accents are also used to enhance to look of the porch. You can also put lots of plants around the house to upgrade its curb appeal and hide the cement base.

Modern Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

A great place to call home, this house features modern interiors that are painted in white. This makes the space look bigger. You might even opt to add large mirrors on the walls to create the illusion of more space.

Quite impressive, this modern home also features tiled floors. You don’t see that too often in native homes, right?

Comfortable Bedroom, Modern Bathroom

The rest of the house is decked similarly to the living room, with tiled floors and white walls. These stylish interiors also feature white curtains that add elegance to the place.

The bedroom looks comfortable and also has white sheets with zebra accent prints.

But it’s the bathroom that I really love in this home. It might be small but it features an all-white design, with accents like potted plants and some décor also brightening up the space.

It might cost around Php500,000 to build this house.