There are many factors that make a house look great, but for many, what’s more important is the love everyone feels to make this space a home. Still, you’d want your home to look great, right? You can use this lovely one-bedroom house with a stunning roof deck and brick walls as inspiration. Both sides of the house also feature a carport, allowing you to safely park two vehicles at the same time.

This house uses grey for most of its walls, although the bricks are left in their natural reddish, terracotta hue. Although the porch and carport area has cemented floors, you can opt to use non-slip tiles on these areas to make them look more beautiful.

Stunning Roof Deck with Creative Stairs

The roof deck makes a great hangout anytime of the day, providing a nice spot for enjoying a drink at the end of the day or even as a party spot. The space even has a roof and tall railings to ensure everyone’s safety.

There’s a curved flight of stairs leading to the rooftop, making it sturdy yet also stylish.

Lovely Bedroom with Brick Walls and Glass Windows

You might love the brick walls that grace this house, creating a vintage look even with its modern design. Due to the limited space in this house, there’s only space for one bedroom, yet you can always opt to create a bedroom loft at the second-floor space instead.

Glass windows grace this home, creating added elegance to the space.

Surprisingly, the tiles inside the house area made in a basket weave pattern that actually looks great.

Extended Kitchen and Other Options

This house can be idea as a vacation home or a regular home. While the interiors have space for a compact modern kitchen, it can also be a good idea to create a bigger, more functional kitchen towards the back area.

Building a sturdy home like this can cost you around Php1.8 million.