Lovely Starter Home Concept with Outdoor Swimming Pool

Many of us enjoy heading off to a resort to have fun at the pool, but what if you can have a pool at home? That’s what this house offers for you and your family. This fancy house can also make a lovely starter home that you can later extend or upgrade if your budget allows. There’s a small porch at the entrance, a spacious living room with a fancy cleopatra style sofa set, and a modern kitchen.

Unlike most homes, the roof of this house only covers the concrete portions. But this might look a bit strange for you. Still, there’s always an option for you to change this to the standard design or perhaps this roof is just temporary for this home to later have a deck instead.

Outdoor Swimming Pool, Small Porch

Just by looking at this home, you might think that it’s too simple because of the unpainted walls. But the interiors actually look fancy and the outdoor swimming pool truly upgrades this home’s value.

At the front is a small porch that has space for a chair or two. But the grounds around this house have plenty of spots for hanging out.

Fancy Interiors, Industrial-Styled Walls

This home boasts of fancy interiors with cleopatra sofas in pink. There are also lots of plush carpets and rugs that define various sections of the open plan living room.

While it’s not the usual style chosen in most homes, this house uses industrial-styled walls that have finishing but no paint. Of course, if you prefer having paint, you can always choose the color you want to brighten up your home.

Modern Kitchen, Lots of Doors and Windows

Lots of windows bring in fresh air and plenty of natural light to your house. There’s even one door that directly opens to the swimming pool, though safety precautions should be put in place if your have kids in the house.

This house also features a modern kitchen that has a bar so you can enjoy some drinks at the end of a busy day.

You might need to spend Php1.4 million to build this home, excluding the price of the pool.