In need of a stylish house design with eye-catching colors and spacious areas for fun and relaxation? This house combines all these factors to create a home that you can be proud of – and it comes with two bedrooms and a huge porch area. There’s also a modern kitchen and separate dining area.

This home features a contemporary design that makes use of flat roofs over the main house and a second one over the porch area, angled in the opposite direction.

The exterior walls are painted an eye-catching shade of violet, with white accents that create added curb appeal. You can also add some beautiful plants to complement the overall look.

Huge Porch Area, Lovely House

Considered as the perfect extension to your living room, the huge porch area is great for welcoming guests and enjoying the fresh breeze while relaxing.

You can have a good time hanging out at the porch area which comes with built-in benches. Just add a table or two to enjoy some refreshments while relaxing at this spot. Sounds exciting, right?

Glass Doors and Windows, Beautiful Interiors

This modern home features glass doors and windows that make the space look bigger. These also let natural light and the cool breeze in, so that it won’t be so costly to keep your home cooler and brighter.

Instead of violet, the interiors are painted in teal and white that look soothing to the eyes. Solid wooden doors have ornate carvings that add beauty to your interiors.

Spacious Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Food preparation can be a breeze in the spacious kitchen with built-in cabinets to keep all your stuff well organized. A sliding glass window is also placed in the sink area. The dining area is separate from the kitchen because it shares the open space with the living room instead.

This home features a nice bathroom that has a partition to separate the wet and dry areas.

Depending on your location and the materials you pick, this 2-bedroom house can cost around Php1.8 million to build.