Set on a raised platform with mostly blue tones, this lovely wood, and concrete house can be built for as low as Php600,000! This makes it ideal for families on a tight budget who still want to have a nice home to live in.

A small house with just 1 bedroom, this humble abode is perfect for a retired couple or newlyweds who are just starting out a family. You can always expand the house when the need arises in the future; as long as there is enough space on the lot, of course.

Using wood and concrete, this home is really appealing to the eyes and would be a nice place to live in.

Front Area and Porch

The porch makes this a welcoming home for everyone. Spacious, this porch area is a great place to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends. The steps leading to the house has a semi-circular shape for added style.

Wood-inspired tiles are used on the floor for a stylish yet more economical porch.

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