It is actually amazing what a talented architect or engineer could do to transform a house into something absolutely beautiful. Just like this 1.5-story terrace house featured on Malaysia Homie.

Starting out with an old green house with mossy old roof tiles, the makeover transformed the building into a charming terrace house that features a brick-styled front wall, modern roof sheets, and a lovely carport at the front.

The addition of some plants easily transformed the look into a modern, tropical home with a welcoming entrance. The boring wood-framed brown windows were also replaced with wider windows framed in black.

Stylish Exteriors

The once drab exteriors now look stylish, what with the new paint job at the inner wall that’s now in white and the outer wall that’s upgraded with a brick look.

A carport now extends towards the front, with a semi-transparent roof that actually looks stylish but also functional. This spot would also make a great outdoor living room if you want to hang out outside the house.

Lovely Interiors

Though the house looks like it is just 1-story tall from the outside, there is actually a charming loft space dedicated for a bedroom, a family room, and a small library.

Downstairs, there’s a contemporary living room and a spacious kitchen with a charming dining spot right by two brick accented walls. The stylish stairs make use of metal and wood for best effect.

It’s just a bit weird to have the kitchen counters placed underneath the concept stairs but you can always move this if you wish to copy this house design.

Adorable Bedrooms, Cute Bathroom

There are 2 bedrooms in this charming house. One is for the kids and comes with an adorable study area with colorful designs fit for small kids. 

The bathroom is cute and features a floating cabinet. This home renovation looks extensive and could have cost around Php600k.