With its beautiful design and minimalist theme, this 2-story house can be a wonderful dream house for your family. There’s a porch at the main entrance and a matching balcony on top. Stone accents are placed on the walls, creating a beautiful effect that adds to the home’s curb appeal.

The house has a flat roof, a modern feature that matches with this house so nicely. Sliding glass doors are framed with wood painted in natural brown while most of the furniture and fixtures are in pastel.

Plants actually give this place a tropical vibe, with plenty of greenery both inside and out.

Gorgeous Design

You can never go wrong with this gorgeous design that would easily fit no matter where you build this home, whether near the beach or in a posh, gated subdivision. Towards the back is a pocket garden that’s easily accessed by another set of sliding glass doors with white frame.

The nearly floor-length French windows allow natural light and fresh breeze to come in.

Superb Interior Design

Inside this house, you can see a well-designed space that makes use of quirky furniture pieces and seemingly mismatched articles. These actually create added interest to the space. White walls look great and add depth to this beautiful home.

Accents such as a nice yellow print on the recessed ceilings look fantastic.

Pastel Bedrooms, Beautiful Spaces

Bedrooms look fantastic and would make a comfortable place for you and your family to rest in. Pastel prints are used to create a lovelier space while plants are also used to beautify the space. The plants are also picked to bring added comfort to this house.

There are lots of beautiful spaces in this home. Even the stairs look so lovely! There’s a reading nook with a nice chair and tall lamp.

Stylish Kitchen, Lovely Bathroom

As expected, even the kitchen and bathroom of this house look fantastic! The stylish kitchen is just a step from the dining area that looks out to the beautiful garden.

The bathroom also looks lovely, with its bubble-inspired wall tiles and stylish fixtures.

A 2-story house this big and beautiful could be built for a budget of at least Php2.5 million.