When it comes to building a house, you can choose a minimalist design that’s easy to maintain but still looks pleasing to the eyes. This house is simple but boasts of beautiful interiors, a stylish living room, an elegant dining area, and even a small bahay kubo at the back for hanging out.

The exteriors are painted in white for a sleek look, but you can always opt to color this house in something that you really like. Pastel colors are popular these days, though you can choose a neutral color, too.

Interiors come in a shade of grey that perfectly contrasts with the white tiles on the floor.

Nice Porch, Modern House Design

In building your home, it’s nice to place a porch at the front for hanging out and welcoming your guests in an outdoor setting. This house does that with a nice porch at the front – but also features a small bahay kubo at the side.

This bahay kubo is perfect for a family picnic because it comes complete with a built-in table at the middle. It’s definitely a good spot for some outdoor dining.

The modern design of this house makes use of concrete incorporated with steel and glass.

Beautiful Interiors

Stepping inside the interiors, you’ll find a lovely living room with comfortable couches where you can relax while enjoying a movie on the flat-screen TV that you can set up on the opposite wall.

Vertical wood slabs create a stylish division between the living room and the dining area. You can opt to add some artwork on this spot.

The ceilings are styled with creative lights that add a nice ambiance at night. Elegant designs are also used for the lights and fixtures of this home.

The dining area is modern, with a 6-seater table beneath the nice ceiling design.

It would take at least Php1.2 million to build this stylish home.