This minimalistic modern home features white and green exteriors that look pleasing to the eyes, with two sections for the porch at the front part of the house. There’s 1 bedroom inside, with beautiful wood tiles that accentuate the minimalistic design. The house also comes with a spacious living room and an eclectic bathroom.

You’ll love living in this modern home that features beautiful wood tiles, stylish recessed ceilings, and creative built-in furniture for your knickknacks.

At first glance, the house appears to be unfinished due to the unusual placement of the porch pillars that made the roof appear to be too short. You can always opt to extend this roof portion or change the porch design.

Modern House Design

This contemporary home features a modern structure made of concrete, steel, and glass.

The porch creates an L shape at the front portion of the house, allowing entry from two sides. Although unusual, this porch provides the house with more spaces for hanging out. Built-in benches with backs supported by steel and wood are also provided at the porch area.