While other houses boast of impressive accents and creative designs, this minimalistic modern house features a simple design and makes use of concrete with some bricks. Yet the effect is good and looks so clean, even from afar. The interiors are stylish and provided with everything you need.

The overall theme of this house is to be simple yet elegant. This is achieved with the boxy design, white walls, and minimal yet stylish accents.

The flat roof is hidden from view to create the illusion that the house is made entirely of concrete. But you can use this modern design to your advantage by actually creating a roof deck on this spot.

Modern House, Stylish Brick Accents

This modern house looks simple yet also interesting. Viewed from any angle, it features white concrete exteriors with brick accents at some portions.

The bricks create a rustic look that perfectly contrasts with the white walls yet also complements the wooden frames around the doors and windows.

Great for hanging out anytime of the day, this house features a porch at the front and another at one side.

Spacious Interiors, Elegant Look

Homes these days use an open plan design for the interiors to maximize space. That’s exactly what’s achieved in this house which offers spacious interiors.

The living room is set to one side at the left side of the front door, but it’s just steps away from the dining area and small kitchen.

Charming Office Space & Study Area, Stylish Bedroom

This house is great if you work from home because it features a spot for a charming office space that can also be used as a study area for your kids. Another spot is also used as an extra study spot.

You can sleep in comfort in the stylish bedroom with a padded headboard and huge windows.

A beautiful house like this would likely cost at least Php1.8 million to build.