There is just something so nice about pastel colors that make a house look pleasing to the eyes. Just like this beautiful mint green house with 2 bedrooms and pastel prints all over the place.

You’ll fall in love with this beautiful home, with its comfortable porch and elegant design. There’s a carport to one side that actually has enough space for two cars.

Sliding glass doors open to a spacious living room while beautiful accents can be seen all over the house, adding to its curb appeal. These are seen in the rock tiles and interesting lights that decorate the porch posts.

Beautiful Porch, Mint Green Exteriors

The mint green colors on the exterior walls match the colors of the fence around the property. This creates a seamless effect that’s actually nice to see.

From front to back, the house is also painted in mint green while the base is set in forest green, as with the matching roof.

Spacious Interiors, Nice Design

As expected, the interiors also look fantastic! Painted in pastel blue white ceilings and white baseboards, the interiors of this house look sophisticated and spacious. Brown wood-inspired tiles are used on the floors, creating a gorgeous contrast with the pastel walls.

A darker shade of blue is used as an accent wall in all the rooms.

Stylish Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen is small but looks stylish, with black and brown used as the main theme colors.

There are two bathrooms in this lovely house, both with stylish designs. Both have lovely PVC doors with artsy designs. One bathroom has a pink beach theme while the other is in blue, with a ship theme.

Both bathrooms have floor tiles with hexagonal themes that look like honeycombs but in different colors.

The house was built for a budget of Php1.6 million, not including the matching fence and gate.