This mix-modern house has all the makings of a native home, but with modern roofing and glass windows. The doors also look fancy, though the house retains most of its native vibe. Even the floors of this 1-bedroom house are made of bamboo.

There are many people who would love to have a native house, but because these structures aren’t as sturdy or long-lasting as houses made of modern materials, they decide to create their home with a mixture of native and modern items.

For the structure to have a sturdy foundation, the supporting posts are made of concrete. These can also help ensure that termites and other wood-boring insects can’t damage the foundation. Just make sure to check the base from time to time for tell-tale signs of termite infestation.

Lovely Balcony, Mix-Modern House Design

This home is a great place to live in; though it would only suit a small family or a couple living by themselves.

The main door opens directly from the side facing a slightly sloping area, but you can opt to also add a porch in this section.

At the back is a lovely balcony made of bamboo and stylish wood railings. There’s also a long bench that can double as a day bed in this spot. Like the rest of the house, the balcony also has a modern roof. This can make the structure last longer than if nipa or other native materials were used.

Comfortable Bedroom with Trundle Bed

This house isn’t a big one and doesn’t have all the elements you’ll need for a fantastic stay. In fact, this would be best suited for a resort accommodation or as a guest house.

There’s one bedroom inside the main structure, accessed directly from the main door or the balcony door.

But adding house elements like a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom outside could easily upgrade this space. Building a house like this won’t cost you over Php80,000.