A lot of people enjoy living in a native house – and this one is really a good choice! It’s a 1-bedroom house that’s great for a small family and it features a mix of native and modern features that you’ll surely love.

There’s a small porch at the front, a compact living room, and space for a small kitchen and dining area.

You’ll love the native vibe of this home, with its beautiful garden filled with lovely flowers. The exterior walls are made of Amakan, with bamboo slats used to keep the material in place and to also add beauty to the design.

Inside, the walls are covered with thinner bamboo slats that create a nice double walling material to space.

Native House with Modern Design

While the posts, walls, beams, and trusses of this house are made of or supported by wood, the roof itself is made of modern color-roof material.

Although the house doesn’t come with a gutter, the color-roof material upgrades the house’s native vibe. You can always add the matching gutter later, of course.