Bright green colors make this 1-story modern home as a fresh, modern place to live in.

It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice porch at the front area. This lovely home is estimated to cost around Php1.4 million to build.

Slightly raised for about 40cm above the ground, this house is a nice place to live in. It makes use of concrete, glass, and steel to create a nice modern home for a family of three to five.

This house has vertical and horizontal lines that add interest to the outdoor façade.

Front Area and Living Room

The compact porch is accessible by a 2-step porch that directly leads to the living room. The sliding double glass doors have a white trim.

Inside, the living room features space-saving furniture, with a wall dedicated for multi-media appliances.

The walls are painted with cream and mint green. The chocolate brown couch perfectly matches this charming home.