Modern 1-Story Grey House with 2 Bedrooms, 95 sqm Living Space

2 min

With 95 sqm of living space and 2 bedrooms inside, this modern 1-story grey house is an ideal home for the growing family. It has design features that appeal to a modern family, including a stylish porch at the front and another at the side.

The house also makes use of concrete and glass as well as some stone tiles for accents. The simple lift flat roof is both stylishly modern and economical. This house is beautiful, no matter what angle you view it from.

Painted mostly in grey, the accents stand out and actually bring out the style of this modern home.

Stylish Exteriors, 2 Porches

This house makes use of steel posts that add style to the 2 porches, not just support the roofs jutting out from the side of the house at a lower height from the main roof.

Everything about this house is great! Allocate a budget of about Php2 million to build this spacious 2-bedroom house.