A modern 1-story house with a porch at the front and another porch at the back makes a great place to live in and hang out with the family any time of the year.

Modern 1-Story House exterior design

The expansive house features lots of beautiful accents that make the place look much better.  Although this house has flat roofs, these have a nice design over sections of the house, creating an interesting look.

The exteriors are painted in ivory but the interiors have lovely peach walls. Most of the tiles are plain but the hallway at the back area features marble-inspired tiles. Stylish lights are also picked for this house.

Dream House Design

The dream house design comes with a floor plan that provides spacious rooms for the family.

The living room occupies a large section right by the front door while the dining area also features beautiful sliding glass doors and huge glass windows that make space look much bigger.

Modern 1-Story House frontview

The house is best built on a large lot with beautifully landscaped lawns.

Stylish Interiors, Nice Colors

The stylish interiors of this huge house come with pastel-colored walls that look soothing to the eyes.

Large windows are made of glass with a French design.

This house would look perfect with thick, elegant curtains with large curtain rods.

The back portion of the house has a hallway that leads to the kitchen and stockroom.

Modern Kitchen

Even the kitchen features peach walls that look so beautiful.

There’s a single-line counter with black granite tops and brown wood cabinet doors.

Stylish lights are placed near the counters, providing art and illumination to this space.

The bathroom is located at one side of the kitchen, with white PVC doors.

This spacious bathroom has modern fixtures.

This huge 3-bedroom house design costs around Php2.8 million (estimate only).