A lot of people choose a 1-story house for the convenience of not needing stairs to reach other parts of the house while also keeping costs at a minimum. It is easier to stay within your budget if your house only has one floor.

This modern 1-story house features a nice design with a lovely porch at the front, 2 spacious bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. A hip roof is chosen for this charming house.

Different types of stone tiles are used as accents at the porch area while the floor inside the house has alternating designs with prints and simple brown tiles.

Lovely Front Porch, Modern House

Since the porch is the first place that your guests see, make sure to keep it lovely and clean at all times. This house features a beautiful porch that comes with built-in benches and beautifully accented posts. Beautifully crafted lights are also used on the porch.

The house is set on a low platform, with white trim all over the place.

Spacious Interiors

The interiors are spacious, with white walls that also make the place look even bigger. Brown doors perfectly contrast the white walls but easily match the printed floor tiles. The ceilings have a beautiful design, with lights carefully picked to add interest to the design.

Floor-length curtains are chosen to grace the sliding glass doors while the ones at the windows have matching prints.

Nice Kitchen and Bathroom

This house was designed with comfort in mind. The L-shaped counters at the kitchen maximize the space while large windows brighten up the room. The black granite countertops perfectly match the black tiles used for the built-in cabinets.

Meanwhile, the bathroom still features brown floors, but the beautifully printed wall tiles really make this spot look so nice. Depending on various factors, this house may be built for around Php1.4 million.