These days, who doesn’t love to have a modern home with complete amenities, anyway?

This modern 1-story house featuring 2 bedrooms and charming living area lets you have a cozy home for your family while allowing you to decorate the space as you please.

Three pillars support the roof of the modern patio that warmly welcomes guests to your home.

Decorate the pillars with rock décor for better curb appeal. Of course, landscaping the yard can do wonders to the overall look of this beautiful home.

The patio directly opens to double glass sliding doors where comfortable couches could make you and your guests feel welcome throughout the day while you hang out to watch TV or have a chat.

The ceiling over the living room features a lovely design, but you can also choose your own.

The compact space in the living room makes furniture arrangement a bit tricky, but a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall would certainly upgrade the room’s look.

Two bedrooms are set to the left of the living room, with intricately carved wooden doors that make the space elegant while providing privacy to the room’s occupants.

This budget-friendly house also features a shared toilet and bath.

Perfect for small families, this house has amenities fit for your needs.

While this house features a door that separates the kitchen and dining area from the rest of the house, you could opt to remove the door for a smoother transition.

The kitchen at the back features a sleek stainless-steel sink with granite countertops.

Built-in cabinets would be a great complement to this house’s compact but useful design.

The owner chose subdued colors and tones throughout the house, but you can always pick a color to make the house cozier for you and your family.

The sloped roof completes the look of this modern house – and that also saves you a lot of money on roofing materials.

What do you think of this house?