Decorated with classy wood accents and making use of concrete as well as steel materials, this modern 1-story loft house is a great design to pick for your home. It even features a semi-wraparound porch with a wide length that can accommodate additional tables and chairs for entertaining guests.

Perfect with all settings, this home is set on a beautiful platform that lets you admire the view from a higher vantage point while also placing the home several feet off the ground.

This home would be perfectly matched with a beautiful landscape. Place this by a tree and plant plenty of flowers at the garden for great views any time of the day.

Classy Design

The design is classy, with wood accents that make the house look sophisticated. The wood decoration matches the wood floors of the balcony as well as the wood stairs.

Huge glass windows and sliding glass doors easily let the fresh air in. With such huge windows and doors, there is no problem at all with natural lighting throughout the daytime.

This steel structures jut out from the house, sticking out to the balcony to support the translucent roof. The awnings are painted in black, creating a strong yet stylish structure around the house.

Beauty in Every Corner

At one portion of the house is a concrete balcony with built-in wood benches. This is a perfect spot for relaxation or simply chatting up with friends.

There’s beauty in every corner of this house, whether inside or out!

Step inside the house and admire the creativity of its designers. Unique lamps are used on the ceilings while a brick wall creates a beautiful feature in the living room that contrasts with the rest of the grey walls.

Even the bathroom is stylish despite the plain grey walls. The shower area is divided into sections, with translucent roofs that let the light in. Plants also brighten up this spot.

This distinctive 1-story home could be built for a budget of around Php1 million.