This modern 2-bedroom house that features a classy design with a big porch makes a great home for your family and a fantastic place to welcome your guests anytime of the year.

One side of the porch even has lots of space to create an outdoor dining space or a spot for hanging out to play some card games and other fun activities. Flat roofs are used to cover sections of the house, creating an interesting design on top.

Although most of the exteriors are painted in grey, the house has accent lines in white and black frames around the windows and sliding glass doors.

Dream House Design

This dream house features an impressive design that has lots of roofs to provide shelter and also make the place look stylish. The lights used both on the inside and outside look lovely, creating a nice look during the day and soft illumination during the night.

It was built on a huge property that also features a long, beautiful driveway with patio bricks for added beauty.

Stylish Interiors

The interiors of this beautiful home look stylish, with large glass windows providing natural light to the house during the day. Floor-length curtains are stylish additions to this home, adding elegance to the living room.

The great hall features a multi-layer artsy ceiling with lots of charming lights. Wood tiles are used in this beautiful home, making this place look homey yet also more elegant.

Lovely Bedrooms

Doors to the two bedrooms are made of wood and are both painted in a natural dark brown shade that complement the wood tiles. This grand 2-bedroom home may be built for a budget of around Php1.8 million.

The windows inside the bedrooms are huge, but the bright sunlight can always be blocked out by the blinds in the rooms. Cloth drapes are also a great alternative to the blinds, creating a nice effect in the bedrooms of this beautiful home.