Everyone loves to live in a nice, comfortable, and lovely house that you can truly be proud of, no matter how big or small it might be. This modern 2-bedroom loft-style house features woodwork that makes it look perfect for any setting, even near the beach or inside a farm.

The stairs with three steps lead to the porch that welcomes everyone to this modern home. The porch is made of real wood that’s polished and covered with waterproofed paint to ensure it will last long. The shed roof is ideal for this modern home while the grey paint makes viewers focus more on the impressive house design.

Modern Home

It might be small, but this modern home is great place to live in. The built-in benches at the porch add appeal to this comfortable spot that lets you look out to the beautiful view around the house.

The house is set on a platform and is painted grey from front to back. White trim and frames are used to emphasize the windows and the shape of this home.

Woodsy Interiors

Although the walls and foundations are made of concrete, this 2-bedroom house features woodwork in many areas. Aside from the porch area, wood is also used inside the house. The floors are made of wood that is shiny and painted a natural color.

The similar wood material is also used to frame the glass windows and sliding glass doors. The furniture inside this home is also made of wood to match the floors, creating a woodsy feel that you can soften with pastel printed curtains.

Garden and Landscaping

This house features a tropical vibe and would truly be perfect in warm countries. But you can complement the lovely design with a garden and landscaping for a more beautiful home. Planting trees around the house also provides much-needed shade for added comfort.

This gorgeous 2-bedroom loft house was built for a budget of more than Php1.1 million.