Contemporary homes with flat, sloped roofs are so popular these days. Not only do they make the house look better, but this kind of roof style is also much cheaper to make than the usual gable or hip style.

But houses with this kind of roof do not have to look boring!

Instead, architectures are still able to incorporate various designs to make the house look more interesting while still keeping the flat roof design all over the place.

In this 2-story house, concrete meets with wood panels to create an interesting effect on the façade; however, this house would certainly look much better if the simple concrete walls would be painted an interesting color or stylized with rock-themed tiles.

The house could be divided into four portions, with the front right quarter chosen as master’s bedroom with a porch on the second floor and a carport on the first floor.

The left portion also has a porch that opens to the living room with a high ceiling. The left portion of the house does not have a second floor.

Expansive spaces in this beautiful home offer a lot of options for you to decorate the house with large furniture pieces.

Though this home has a 32-inch flat-screen TV, you could easily upgrade your options to a much larger TV for a better viewing experience.

The kitchen has ample space for a huge table in the dining room. The room has a door leading to the carport.

The photos in this house appear to show that it is still largely unfinished, with much room for you to use your imagination to decorate the space as you please.

While the floor appears to have wood tiles, you can paint the walls in pleasant colors that would make this house a home for you and your family.

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Source: Facebook / Home and Garden