Getting yourself and the family a nice house to call your own is truly a beautiful reward for all the hard work you do. In searching for that perfect home, you can opt for this modern 2-story house with attractive features, inside and out.

There are 3 bedrooms in this house, making it the perfect choice for your growing family. Understanding the needs of the people who will live in this home, the designers provided this house with a large living room, a modern kitchen, and 3 bathrooms.

Looking grand as it stands tall with 2 stories, this modern house also features a balcony wrapping around two walls of the master’s bedroom. This is accessible through the sliding glass doors on both sides.

Grand House Design, Nice Balcony

This modern house features a grand design, with various features you can truly be proud of. The homeowners must surely love the balcony and the many nice spots in this home.

The contemporary design adds curb appeal to this home, while the carport is a useful spot just beside the main entrance.

White is mostly used for this home, though grey and brown are added as accents on certain areas.

Lovely Interior Design

There’s not a lot of pictures shared for the inside features of this house but it is clear that the lovely interior design creates warmth in this place. Stylish drop lamps grace the stairs while floor-length curtains make a stylish addition to the glass windows.

The stairs use a mix of wood, concrete, and steel for both style and function.

Elegant Bathrooms

There are 3 bathrooms in this home, all decorated so nicely and looking so elegant with white walls and stylish fixtures. There are also mirrors placed above the sink of these beautiful bathrooms.

This grand 2-story home is built for over Php3 million.