There’s just something about this modern 2-story house that appeals to the eyes, particularly because it boasts of a superb design with 200sqm of floor area and a great-looking façade.

This gorgeous house features a flat roof design that slopes downwards from the left to the right side of the house. It is something that is not so common with roof designs which often slope from front to back. The unique angles create added interest to this beautiful home.

The exteriors make use of several color combinations, but grey is the most dominant color used in this design. Even the interiors come in a light shade of grey, creating an elegant look.

Contemporary Design

With its well-defined lines, flat roof, and contemporary design, this is a house that you can truly be proud of. It stands tall with its second floor space and has room for a carport that can fit two vehicles.

Modern lights are also used for this house, with artsy pieces that look like additional décor at daytime but provide illumination when needed at night.

Beautiful Interiors, Lots of Space

Being a huge home with a second floor is truly a big advantage for this house. This ensures that there are lots of space for various rooms that meet the homeowner’s needs.

The sliding glass main doors open directly to the living room that comes adorned with a stylish ceiling. There’s also ample space for a separate dining room while a modern kitchen is set towards the back.

Large Bedrooms, Elegant Bathrooms

As expected, the bedrooms are large and come with plenty of space for various furniture. You can even add a settee at the foot of the king-sized bed. The master’s bedroom also comes with an ensuite bathroom.

Stylish grey tiles of different designs are used in the elegant bathrooms that come with hot and cold shower.

A grand 2-story house like this would cost at least Php3.5 million to build.