A 1-story house with 3 bedrooms, this modern cream-colored house features a big porch area and beautiful design. The pyramid hip roof upgrades the look of this modern house, making it perfectly suited no matter what location or setting you choose to build this home.

The interiors look great and have ample space for your family’s various needs. Sliding glass windows are large, providing enough natural light and fresh breeze to your home. The sliding glass doors provide access to the house from the big porch that’s about two thirds the length of the house.

This house would be best complemented by a beautiful garden with lots of lush greenery and bright-colored flowers.

Modern Design, Beautiful House

A beautiful house with modern design, it is built on a platform about 1 meter high. Defined with grey paint, this platform base puts the house on higher spot and lets you enjoy a better view of your surroundings.

Most of the exteriors is painted with cream but there are accents of grey and light brown. This color scheme is used all the way to the back where there’s a small porch with stainless steel railings.

Spacious Interiors

This house features spacious interiors that have pastel-colored walls and ceilings. The white floor tiles keep the place looking neat and bright while the large windows let natural light in.

Lots of space is provided in the bedrooms to accommodate huge beds, a full dresser, and still have extra room for movement.

Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms

Set at one corner of the house, the modern kitchen features an L-shaped kitchen with granite countertops and grey cabinets with wooden doors. There’s a stainless steel hood over the stove that’s built in on the countertop. Lots of windows are also provided in the kitchen.

This home has 2 bathrooms, both of which have modern fixtures and stylish designs. The walls are done in white but have accent tiles with different designs.

A 3-bedroom house like this could be built for a budget of around Php2.2 million.