house front view

Huge glass windows make this modern style 3-bedroom house look even larger than it is.

Such windows also ensure that there is plenty of fresh air and natural light for this sprawling house.

Access to the porch is from the side but the huge double doors directly open to the spacious living room.

While the porch is quite narrow, this wouldn’t be a problem because the house has lots of spaces inside for various activities.

Stainless steel railings create a lovely effect at the porch while the stone-inspired floor tiles create a beautiful effect.

Just like most modern homes these days, the house features a flat roof that contours along the house’s lines.

Modern Design, Great Floor Plan

This house features 3 bedrooms, each with a different wall color to cater to each family member’s preferences.

You can always opt to change these colors to your liking and furnish the rooms with your favorite items.

The floor plan is simply perfect. The huge sliding glass main doors open directly to the spacious living room, occupying one corner of the house.

The bedrooms also have their own corners while the kitchen is set towards the back.

Gorgeous Spaces, Elegant House

This elegant house is truly something that you can be proud of. It features gorgeous spaces that you decorate with stylish furnishings and lovely floor-length curtains.

The lights were also picked carefully so that these make great art pieces by day and provide enough illumination at night.

Even the rooms also have lovely light pieces.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Bathroom

Although a bit on the small side, the kitchen still provides ample space to meet your cooking needs.

The room has direct access to the back area through the wooden door.

While the living room and bedrooms come with cream-colored tiles, the kitchen is decked with wood-inspired tiles.

This lovely 3-bedroom house also features a stylish bathroom that comes with marble wall tiles and modern fixtures.

You will need at least Php1.6 million to build this beautiful home.