Are you looking for a design for a 3-bedroom house? Check out this contemporary home with 3 bedrooms, including a maid’s room.

This modern home features a small patio where you can relax and enjoy the view of your garden or front yard. Although this particular home was built on a 269-sqm lot that features a 15-m frontage, you can modify it a bit to suit your lot size and to add your personal touches.

After all, while it’s nice to find inspiration in these many house photos you’ll find on the internet, it’s also a good idea to pick something that you really love. It’s quite possible to mix and match the designs, as long as these won’t clash with the overall appearance of your home and won’t make the structure weak.

This particular home is elevated a bit at the front, perfect for lots that are sloping. Yet you can also opt to simply build this on ground level and ditch the stairs.

The patio at the front opens right into the open-ended living area, with easy access to the kitchen and dining area.

To save space while also providing you with plenty of storage space, the kitchen features plenty of built-in cabinets. A hood over the range is a practical addition to keep your home odor-free, especially when cooking strong-smelling food. But if you build this home on a bigger lot, you can opt to open up one wall to make room for a larger window.

Again for space, part of the kitchen counter doubles a table or kitchen nook where you can easily enjoy your food. It’s just a step away from the kitchen, making food preparation and cleaning up rather easy to do.

Built-in closets and shelves are also a great addition to the bedrooms to reduce clutter and provide ample space for your clothes and personal belongings.

Two bathrooms with glass-enclosed showers and a stylish sink complete this modern home.

For a sleek, minimalist look, this modern house design features black-and-white paint and fixtures. If you want to convert this a more homey, fun-filled house, just change the colors to pastel or bright, colorful pieces.