Perfectly suited for a big lot with a lovely landscaped garden, this modern 3-bedroom house features a nice carport and a beautiful façade that you can truly be proud of. Charming in baby pink exteriors with brown accents, this home is a great place to live in.

A small porch acts as the main entrance to this contemporary home while big windows perfectly complements the modern design. A home that you and your family are sure to love, this features spacious bedrooms and a beautiful living room where you can hang out and have fun.

The back area is in light grey, creating a more subdued effect that doesn’t actually diminish the quality of this home. This service area also features a longish porch.

Dream House Design

Standing tall with a wide floor plan, this dream house design is perfect for the family. The flat roof looks nice and economical but also looks great on this modern home. The lights are also chosen carefully to provide illumination as well as accent to the overall design.

The squarish porch juts out a bit at the center part of the frontage, with access provided at the side.

Stylish Home, Lovely Kitchen

Both the living room and the kitchen have huge, sliding glass doors that easily open up the space to make the house look even bigger. A large L-shaped couch is picked for then living room that features elegant floor-length curtains.

This house also features a lovely kitchen with pink counters. The walls are done mostly in white but one side shares the same pink shade as the counters and cabinets.

Cute Bathroom

The darkest shade of pink in this house can be found in the cute bathroom that comes with different tile designs, all in different shades of pink.

A glass partition is placed between the wet and dry areas while a floating cabinet is placed beneath the rectangular porcelain sink.

This house was built for at least Php2 million.