With a view deck that’s perfect for hanging out to enjoy some drinks late at night or watching the stars, this modern 3-bedroom loft house is the perfect home for a growing family.

Modern 3-Bedroom Loft House

This home features a large balcony, a spacious carport, and a view deck on top. The spiral staircase leading to the view deck also adds curb appeal to this modern home.

Set on a platform at least 1 meter high, this home has outstanding features that makes the homeowners proud to call it their own.

This modern home looks spacious inside and out, with plenty of space for various activities and for welcoming guests at any time of the year.

Gorgeous Outdoor Features

Aside from the impressive carport and view deck, this home has a full-sized balcony that can also double as a hangout where you can enjoy afternoon snacks with guests. This spot also has a door that leads to the dining area.

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The main entrance to the house is accessed through the balcony, with the sliding glass doors framed in black for added elegance.