Modern 3-Bedroom Loft House with Separate View Deck & Spacious Carport

Well-Planned Out Interiors

Every bit of this home is well-thought-of, planned out to ensure that there is no wasted space. The kitchen and dining area are set in a different room; though you may opt to get this wall removed so there is easier access to everything.

The master’s bedroom is set at the front of the house, with its own ensuite bathroom while the two other rooms at the back share a common toilet.

Modern Home with Lots of Space

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This modern home can be built for around Php2.1 million ($41,600). It features 3 full-sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, wash area, and a carport. It covers a space of 125 sq m of usable area, with a rooftop view deck of 15 sq m.


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