A lot of homes these days are being converted into shops and stores or have extensions that provide space for commercial activity. If you’re planning on putting up a shop in front of your house, then this is the perfect design for you.

This modern house provides space for a small but beautiful shop at the front, yet still has ample space for 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room, and 2 bathrooms.

This beautiful house is a semi-shop with nice color choices for the exteriors. While white is the dominant color, there are accents of red and apple green to create interest at the frontage. Of course, if you don’t need to have a shop, you can always use the shop area as a large living room.

Attractive House Design

Designed both as a house and a shop, this building features plenty of glass windows and walls that mimic that of a mini showroom. Used as a shop, you can keep these glass portions clear but if you opt for this to simply be the living room, floor-length elegant curtains will provide privacy at night.

Spacious Interiors

The space for the shop is large enough for various items you might need to set up. There’s ample space for a counter and several display cabinets for the merchandise you wish to sell. If this is a home office, you’ll also get to set up several tables or even cubicles.

A second main door made of wood provides entry to the main part of the house. This opens to the living room that can easily be converted into the master bedroom if the house doesn’t use the front portion as shop.

Stylish Bedrooms, Modern Kitchen

As expected of this contemporary house, the bedrooms look stylish and furnished with wood furniture. Elegant valance curtains are hung on sturdy curtain rods.


This lovely house also features a modern kitchen with lots of space. This is decorated with cloth drapes that cover the sliding glass windows. The two bathrooms also look quite elegant.

Such a big and beautiful 3-bedroom house may be built for at least Php2.5 million.