Many people have this wrong notion that 4-bedroom houses are expensive to build and that you can’t have a beautifully designed house for an affordable budget. Well, this house will prove you wrong as it features 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for an affordable budget of not more than Php1.3 million. Wow!

This beautifully designed home is painted with mostly blue exteriors and white interiors. The sloping flat roof is economical while the angled roofs provide added interest to this lovely blue house.

Modern 4-Bedroom Blue House

There’s a small porch at the front with one post decorated in stone tiles. White trim creates a lovely contrast with the blue paint all over the exterior walls while the glass windows and sliding glass doors add elegance to this home.

Impressive Design

This home has an impressive design that appeals to the eyes even from afar. The stylish roofs add curb appeal to this home while white and dark blue trims and borders emphasize the house’s contour.

Modern 4-Bedroom Blue House front

Aside from the main roof covering the house, there are also smaller roofs over the porch and bathrooms.

Gorgeous Interiors

Inside the house, the walls are painted in white but there are touches of blue that add interest to space. The floors are also white and shiny. A pit ceiling has beautiful lights that come in white and blue.

Modern 4-Bedroom Blue House interiors

Instead of white trim, the interiors make use of a darker brown for the baseboards and window treatment. This creates a nice contrast with the white paint.

Superb Styles

This house is decorated in superb styles and features 4 stylish bedrooms set right next to each other. The two bathrooms decorated with patterned tiles that come with brick-style tiles in white and grey.

It’s truly impressive that this 4-bedroom house was only made for a budget of Php1.3 million, considering its impressive design.