Designed by Architect Carby Osorio from Cebu, this impressive modern bahay kubo design incorporates both native materials and modern construction supplies to create a stunning house, inside and out.

Instead of nipa, a modern flat roof of galvanized iron sheets protects the house from the sun and rain. Meanwhile, the interiors have a mix of native and contemporary furniture, perfectly complementing this house’s overall theme.

This house would be perfectly suited in a tropical setting, with lots of green plants all around. But it would also be perfect near the beach, especially because most of the parts would be resistant to the corrosive sea breeze.

Modern Bahay Kubo Design

Standing tall at 2 stories, this house features a sturdy concrete base and an upper floor with cool amakan (woven bamboo) walls. Glass is incorporated with the native amakan design, creating a lovely effect that looks stunning even from afar.

The concrete part provides flat concrete awnings over the door and windows.

Impressive Interiors

The interiors are actually more impressive than the exteriors. Getting inside this house feels like stepping into a furniture showroom with native furnishings from famous designers. The floors are made of wood set in herringbone pattern while carpets are used to designate spots in the house.

The dining area has a contemporary glass table with native furniture with steel frames. The living room has large glass walls and a soft couch where you can relax while watching movies on the huge flat-screen TV.

Stylish Bedroom

This house features a loft bedroom with large glass windows and no walls from the interior side. Instead, it is styled like a balcony that looks out to the floor below.

The workstation is also superb, with a bamboo-inspired table matched with a charming low-backed chair. This is set inside a small bedroom that has huge glass windows looking out to the lush garden outside the house.

Even the bathroom has a native vibe.

This modern amakan house with 2 bedrooms could have been built for at least Php1.5 million, including the stunning furnishings.