Modern Bahay Kubo with Concrete Base, Stylish Bamboo Walls

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The Bahay Kubo or nipa hut has long been recognized as a national house symbol of the Philippines. This was chosen as the national house because this style of the house is truly an icon of the Philippine culture. You’ll find a nipa hut across the country, particularly in rural areas. Yet many urban barangays also have a lot of nipa huts.

modern Bahay Kubo

These days, however, it is not uncommon to see a Bahay Kubo with modern modifications to make the flimsy structure more durable and long-lasting.

In this modern Bahay Kubo, a concrete base provides a sturdy foundation to the house that keeps it less prone to damage during minor floods. This also puts the house at a higher level and protects it from damage caused by termites.


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Spacious Porch, Beautiful Design

Although a simple house, it is clear that this place was designed well. It comes with a spacious porch with bamboo railings and supporting posts that also have bamboo designs.

Meanwhile, a spacious dining area occupies its own spot and features a beautiful dining set made of wood. Depending on the materials used and actual prices in your locality, this 1-bedroom house costs around Php500,000 to build.