This modern bahay kubo features an elegant bathroom, fabulous kitchen, and a welcoming balcony that’s also perfect for relaxation. It has amakan walls, wood posts and floors, and modern amenities like a glass enclosure at the bathroom. The kitchen also has tiled counters and modern conveniences.

The bahay kubo is a native house in the Philippines, made of materials like bamboo and locally available wood, such as coconut lumber. It’s a simple house that’s usually elevated a few feet off the ground, with a porch or balcony, whichever applies.

You can still follow that pattern or upgrade the house to include modern conveniences.

Native House with Modern Design, Welcoming Balcony

Concrete posts are used to create a sturdy base for this native home. There are many reasons why native houses are elevated, but one of these is that it makes your house last longer because it’s not directly exposed to moisture from the soil. It’s also easier to monitor for termite infestation.

This house features a welcoming balcony with upcycled crates used for benches.

Its exteriors and interiors have a native look.

Beautiful Living Room with Creative Art Pieces

You’ll love the fabulous wood floors of this native house, all made in shiny, solid slabs. These certainly make this house more expensive to build than other native homes, yet they also make the place look more beautiful.

The living room is a great place to hang out, thanks to its creative art pieces, antique-style wood furniture, and potted greens that make this space look fresh.

Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

We absolutely love the modern kitchen and bathroom of this house because they incorporate native pieces and contemporary features, too.

For instance, the kitchen has native walls and ceilings, yet the counters and backsplash are made of ceramic tiles.

Even the bathroom has a native door, yet the tiled floors and walls, plus the glass shower enclosure certainly upgrade its look.

The price of building a home like this can vary, depending on the actual materials used and other factors, but you can expect to spend around Php150k to Php250k for this design.