Fancy a simple house with cool design ideas? There’s a balcony at the front and another at the back, while the interiors feature one bedroom that also has a private balcony to look out of your beautiful garden.

This modern bahay kubo has native elements yet it also looks modern, thanks to the GI sheets used for the roof. It’s a house that could last for many years, especially if you make sure that the concrete posts and foundations are sturdy.

What makes this house unique is that it comes with exteriors walls that have stylish design prints. Aside from the prints on the bamboo slats, there are also natural bamboo designs used for the balcony.

Creative Balconies, Native House

This house has lots of balconies where you can hang out anytime of the day. Although the house is small and the balconies are also tiny, there’s just something about having so many balconies that makes this house a good choice to live in.

The native house makes use of wood and bamboo materials. But concrete is also used for the base and posts to make the structure sturdy. Also, the roof uses GI sheets so this will last longer than if native materials were used.

One-Bedroom House

The interiors of the house were not included in the pictures, but it’s easy to surmise that it only has one bedroom.

The bedroom itself is also small, but for people who just want a tiny abode and don’t mind sharing one bedroom, this house could be the perfect choice.

This bedroom features a private balcony and is also made from natural materials.

Native Living Room, Outdoor Kitchen

As expected, the living rooms is also tiny but made with native materials. Yet this modern house already features some modern conveniences and can easily have a flat-screen TV on the wall.

This house can be made for around Php100,000.