Built with a fusion of different materials, including amakan, bamboo, glass, concrete, wood, and tiles, this modern Bahay Kubo is not your typical native home. The house itself has a native vibe, thanks to its amakan exteriors and wood windows, but the interiors look so modern and surprisingly spacious.

You’ll love how this house looks so down-to-earth but still comes provided with all the amenities you will need for a comfortable stay. Despite the small size, this can even be a good home for a small family.

The carefully planned layout ensures that there is ample space for various activities in this home. The compact floor plan places the living room by the door while the kitchen occupies the wall at the end. The 2-seater dining room shares space with the kitchen while the bedroom is upstairs at the loft.

Creative Bahay Kubo Design

At first glance, this house might just look like any other Bahay Kubo but a closer look gives away the clues that this is a modern house with a creative design. Amakan walls are used on the exteriors while the interiors have plywood double walling painted with white to brighten up the space.

Open Plan for Common Areas

Addressing the challenges of having limited space inside the house, the common areas have an open plan layout. The living room even has a sofa bed that can transform into an added bed, if needed. Built-in cabinets also ensure that there is no clutter on the floor.

Stylish Loft Bedroom

Truly a stylish home, this Bahay Kubo even features a geometric glass window at the loft bedroom. This really upgrades the house’s look and creates a stylish accent for your home. The window also provides natural light to the loft that you can later cover with a curtain for privacy.

Depending on several factors, building this charming bahay kubo could cost around Php400,000.