This modern blue house comes with a carport that fits one vehicle and 3 spacious bedrooms for your family. There’s also a lovely porch at the front and a stylish living room inside, making this house a great place to live in and hang out.

Direct access from the carport through the porch allows you to go to your car without needing an umbrella even on rainy days. This home also features built-in benches at the porch for comfort and style while chatting with friends.

The carport area easily doubles as an extended living room should there be parties you host at home that need added space.

Modern Style, Nice Porch

The porch is a bit small yet it is a nice place to hang out. It provides direct access to the living room through the sliding glass doors and the side easily leads to the carport area.

Stone-inspired tiles are used to decorate the pillars at the porch to add beauty to this spot. Meanwhile, the flat roofs look great as covering to protect the house yet also has a nice style that you can be proud of.

Lovely Home with Modern Kitchen

The living room is bright, thanks to the huge windows and the sliding glass doors that open up the place to make it look bigger. There’s a stylish recessed ceiling at the middle, with a ceiling fan that also features beautiful lights.

To one side is a modern kitchen that comes with a stainless-steel hood to keep your house smelling fresh even if you’re fond of cooking smelly foods.

Great Floor Plan

Having a great floor plan is one of the main advantages of this house. Set at the left side of the house are the 3 spacious bedrooms that you can style to your own liking. Wooden doors are used for the bedrooms and the back door.

This 3-bedroom modern house may be built for a budget of around Php1.2 million.

Even the bathroom also looks modern and stylish.