A single story house has an advantage in many aspects when compared to a multi-level house.

When it comes to money, building and maintaining a single story house will save you a lot rather than a multi-level house plan.

It is also more accessible as it will not necessarily require staircases making it safe and suitable for families who have kids and also for the mobility of older people.

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Single Story Bungalow with floor plan

A single story house is ageless as it can also be easily styled accordingly to the interiors you want to achieve for your home.

You can also easily expand a single story house contradiction to two or 3 story house that will requires careful planning and structural analysis.

On this article I will walk you through a sample of a single story house plan.

This single story house plan has a total of 102 square meters ground floor area including the front from which the carport and sit out area is located and is also consists of the following areas: Living Room, Dining Hall. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Attached Toilets, Common Toilet, Kitchen, Work Area.

The living room will welcome you upon opening the front door. When you glance at the corner there is a staircase which will lead you up to the roof deck. The dining area is located at the center most part of the house and is also face by a small wash area.

The 3 bedrooms are located at the left side area of the ground floor. The 2 bedroom have a bath and toilet attach on their own, located at the back of the plan is another toilet which serves as common bathroom of the house.

The Kitchen area is also located at the back part of the plan which is adjacent to the dining area for most efficient layout with U-type counter.

It is also augmented by a work area just in case the kitchen will be busy and it can also be used as a service area or laundry area.