These days, you will find more and more homes in contemporary style, with large glass windows and modern architectural designs.

Gone were the days when most homes have the traditional pitched roof with a central ridge. Many homes these days have flat roofs that give off the illusion of having a roof deck.

You can, of course, add a roof deck to your home so you can have an additional place to hang out with your family. But you can keep the flat roof as is because this modern design would still look good either as a roof or converted into a roof deck.

In this modern house design featured below, the 2-story contemporary house has 5 bedrooms and a flat roof. It can be built over a lot size of 1554 sq ft (land 37’x 42′) but creates a total area of 2,150 sq ft for both floors.

The ground floor of this modern home covers an area of 1,250 sq ft.

The entryway directly opens into the gate, but you can opt to make this a bit wider to accommodate your vehicle. Inside, the house features a large living room that you can equip with state-of-the-art entertainment sets and designer furniture pieces to match the contemporary theme of your home.

In this home, a large adds sophistication to the living room while also defining its space in the open plan design.

The dining room is just a few steps away while the kitchen is located at the corner. The homeowner chose to add a kitchen island for more utility to this space.

Modern art pieces and photos adorn the living room and dining area.

The modern toilets feature a huge countertop sink and plenty of built-in cabinets.

Just like the living room, the large bedrooms are decorated with a rug to define the sleeping area.

Built-in cabinets would also look great in these bedrooms, but a lovely armoire would also soften the room a bit to make the spot homey.

Image credits: Kerala Home Design / Amazing Homes – Facebook