A house that can be a good one to build on your farm, this one features a modern design with lots of beautiful spaces to hang out with the family or to simply admire the surrounding views. There are lots of balconies and porch spaces around the house, while the bedrooms are also impressive. As expected, the living room would make a great hangout.

Built for a huge family but can also be an inspiration for resort accommodation, this house features lots of huge sliding glass doors with floor-length privacy curtains. Cute welcome mats adorn the entrance.

One side of the house is used as a carport while the opposite end is another extended porch.

Great House Design, Huge Porch and Balconies

There’s a lot to love about this beautiful home, especially because it looks great even from afar. The main balcony has access from the carport and the other porch at the side of your home.

The balconies and porches wrap around the house, creating lots of places for you to relax. You can add some chairs and tables to convert these areas into dining spots, too.

Stylish Living Room

The floor-length curtains create privacy for the occupants of this house, but moving these to the sides can brighten up the space and make the place look even bigger.

Like most modern homes, this one features a flat-screen TV that’s mounted on the wall. You can also opt to add some built-in shelves beneath and around the TV for your knickknacks or put some art pieces to upgrade the style of this space.

Charming Bedrooms, Lovely Bathrooms

A place that you can relax at any time of the day, this house features charming bedrooms that also come with lovely, private bathrooms.

The walls of the house are painted in white, allowing you to adorn this house with any style you want. Bathrooms also have white and grey tiles, plus modern fixtures.

This grand farm house would cost at least Php3.5 million to build.