In finding a good house design, there are lots of things to bear in mind. But for many prospective homeowners, that simply means something that would suit their needs. This 1-bedroom house features a big porch area for hanging out, a spacious living room, a stylish bedroom area, and an elegant bathroom.

Truly, this house is a great place to call home, thanks to its beautiful design. The flat roofs create a nice roof over the house, with two sections placed at a stylish angle against each other.

The big porch is the main selling point of this house, with built-in benches provided along two sides so you wouldn’t have to worry about buying extra furniture for this spot.

Modern House Design, Grey House

Grey is used to paint the exteriors of this house, making it look elegant while also ensuring that the walls wouldn’t require a lot of washing to always look clean. This house features a modern design that comes with flat roofs, sliding glass doors at the main entrance, and sliding glass windows.

The eaves of this house have lovely white ceilings with ventilation holes so that the interiors won’t be too hot on a summer day.

Nice Interiors

This house only has 1 bedroom. That means it would be perfect for a small family or for someone who wants to live alone. It does offer a nice living room with lots of space for entertaining your guests.

While the exteriors are in a darker shade of grey, the interiors have light grey with dark grey accents. The ceilings are stylish and even have lovely lights for added beauty, particularly at night.

Elegant Bathroom, Nice Kitchen

Set towards the back, the elegant bathroom features stylish wall tiles, modern fixtures, and a dark floor.

The kitchen has access to the back area through a white door. Located in the back area, the kitchen has sliding glass windows, too. A 1-bedroom house like this may be built for around 1 million.