With a total floor area of 100sqm, this modern grey house has lots of space for various activities to keep your growing family busy on a day to day basis. The front porch looks cute with its dotted built-in benches and stylish stone-inspired accents on the pillars.

The flat roof manages to look stylish as it follows the shape of the house. Although painted in mostly grey shades, this house is brightened up by the orange accents in some exterior areas.

Lovely lamps are picked for the porch while the steel railings painted in black easily match the overall modern theme.

Charming Porch, Great Design

As the first thing that people often notice of your home, the porch should always be nice and presentable. This house has a good one at the front, with built-in benches to ensure there’s always ample space for you and your friends to hang out and have a good time.

This house is well designed, with white frames around the sliding glass doors and windows, plus white ceilings with symmetrical ventilation holes.

Elegant House Interiors

A large main hall welcomes guests to this beautiful house as they step through the huge sliding glass doors. Elegant with its modern chandelier and giant DIY wall clock, this stylish home is a joy to stay in anytime of the year.

Doors to the bedrooms are made of wood with dark, nearly black paint and white accent lines. Different lights are also used for the recessed ceilings for added beauty.

The rooms are all spacious, with large windows.

Modern Kitchen, Lovely Bathrooms

The L-shaped counters with white counters and cabinets create a modern vibe in this spacious kitchen. There’s a curved glass hood over the stove, making the kitchen still look stylish.

Both bathrooms are lovely and come in two different themes, though they have the same layout. A short partition is also present in both bathrooms to separate the wet and dry areas.

This spacious 3-bedroom house needs a budget of at least Php1.8 million.